Fresh from the investment bakery: how your portfolio pie is made

Several years ago researchers asked Americans to choose which kind of dessert they would prefer a family member or friend to bring to their house for a holiday dinner. The number one choice by a wide margin was pie.1

While a skeptic might point out that the survey was conducted by Crisco and the American Pie Council, anecdotal evidence suggests that people really do like eating pie.

However, many of us would not attempt to bake one from scratch. While the ingredients are readily available and most of us have access to an oven, our inexperience risks ruining the pie at each step. Even if you create the perfect crust and have exactly the right ratios in your filling, a mistake in the final baking process can turn the whole thing into a soupy mess.

This is why making a pie is a good analogy for the creation and maintenance of your retirement nest egg. Like your favorite artisan bakery your investment firm relies on an experienced team and a proven process to bring you the best results. As in baking, you could conceivably fulfill each of these roles yourself. But also as in baking, experience and practiced technique will give you much better results.


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