Achieve Your Financial Goals For a Bright Future

Plan for the life you want tomorrow with the resources you have today

Protect Your Quality of Life & Reduce Financial Challenges

Mitigating risk and protecting what matters most is the first step in any effective financial plan.

Living Legacy works to prevent business owners, professionals, and their loved ones from suffering through a financial catastrophe or an unfunded future.

By collaborating on a holistic plan to achieve your personal and professional wealth management goals, the choices you make today can create the life you want tomorrow.

Create Your Financial Future

You’ve put in the work to build a successful business or career, and you deserve to enjoy the confidence that comes with financial stability. Business owners and professionals trust Living Legacy to make that vision a reality.

A Shared Vision of Success

Plan for business continuity and personal protection that will help reduce the need to work and help you maintain your quality of life in the future.

Maximize Your Strategic Value

Strategic financial planning for business owners can take months of analysis and collaboration. Even if you don’t have plans to retire or sell, it’s never too early to plan for your future.

Holistic Wealth Planning for Retirement

Enjoy life now and choose your retirement date with a comprehensive, empowering approach to financial planning that helps mitigate risk and uncertainty.

Personalized Plans for Financial Stability

Prepare for the future you want by growing your assets while you continue to generate income. You can plan for tomorrow while still living for today.

Strategic Financial Planning
for Business Owners

Help protect your company's future – and your own – when you create and implement a plan based on our holistic evaluation of your resources and your goals.

Identify Your Objectives

Quantify Your Resources - Conduct a Business Valuation & Gap Analysis

Identify Threats to Your Finances & Implement Contingency


Identify Strategic Opportunities to Reduce Taxes, Retain Key People & Save For Your Future

Living Legacy - Business Planning - Step 5

Design & Implement Your Estate and Wealth Preservation Plan

Determine Your Ideal Exit Path As Necessary

Personal Planning
for Professionals

Our process is designed to give you a comprehensive plan that helps mitigate risk from potential uncertainty. Spend your future days enjoying what you have earned by proactively managing your wealth now.

Introduction & Financial Decision-Making Discussions

Analyze Personal Resources

Identify Threats to Your Finances & Implement Contingency Plans

Formulate & Implement an Action Plan

Monitor Results & Adjust as Necessary



Frequently Asked Questions

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Reduce Financial Challenges & Build a Prosperous Future

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