Exit Planning For Business Owners

Maximize Your Company’s Value as You Begin a New Chapter

Help relieve uncertainty, and mitigate risk with a financial strategy that protects what matters most

Create Lifelong Financial Confidence When You Exit Your Company

Put a plan in place so that you can be confident in your company's future, the choices you’ve made, and the legacy you’re creating

Business owners should have an exit strategy in the same way that airplane pilots should have a landing strategy. You can’t conclude your journey successfully without one.

Your years of hard work shouldn’t go to waste because of a lack of planning or a messy transition.

When you’re ready to exit and sell your business, either to internal stakeholders or a third party, you should already have a strategy in place to help protect your personal future and the future of your business.

Living Legacy helps business owners turn visions for the future into realities with custom exit plans based on your unique circumstances.

Why Business Owners Need an Exit Plan

You deserve to have confidence in your strategy, your goals, and your professional legacy.

A Clear Path Forward

Planning to exit your business starts with an analysis of your current resources and future needs, both professionally and personally.

The most important goal of any exit strategy is to create a fully-funded financial future for you and your loved ones.

Timing is Essential

Finding the right time to sell or divest yourself from your company is crucial for maximizing your return and setting yourself up for future success.

With Living Legacy as your guide, you can make informed decisions that will help protect what matters most to you.

Preparing For The Best

Getting your business ready for an exit requires significant planning, including a deep financial analysis, contingencies for keeping critical staff, and optimization opportunities to increase your company’s value.

The right team will collaborate with you on a strategy that will help maximize your exit and minimize your effort so that you can stay focused on core business activities.

Exit Planning
for Business Owners

A strategic exit plan based on your goals and resources can help protect your company’s future – and your own

Identify Your Objectives

Quantify Your Resources - Conduct a Business Valuation & Gap Analysis

Identify Threats to Your Finances & Implement Contingency


Identify Strategic Opportunities to Reduce Taxes, Save Money & Retain Key People

Living Legacy - Business Planning - Step 5

Design & Implement Your Estate and Wealth Preservation Plan

Determine Your Ideal Exit Path As Necessary



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