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Unexpected life events shouldn’t derail your plans for the future. Protect what matters most to you with Living Legacy’s strategic financial solutions.

Retiring comfortably – or achieving financial stability while you choose to work – takes careful planning.

With Living Legacy, you’ll get a comprehensive approach to financial planning to enjoy the quality of life you deserve, both today and well into the future.

Protect the Life You’ve Built with
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Every Living Legacy plan is personalized to help mitigate risk and achieve your goals based on your resources – including your ability to produce income, which is your most important financial resource.

See how you can create your own Living Legacy with our support.

Personal Retirement Planning

Put everything you need in place to protect yourself and your loved ones with a stable retirement income.

  • Identify how much to save on an annual basis
  • Create spending and savings plans
  • Create a retirement income plan

Investment Planning

Your investment strategy should be focused on capturing market returns as efficiently as possible, not trying to play the market. Our evidence-based approach relies upon three principles:

  1. Free markets work
  2. Diversification can help balance risk and return
  3. Three simple risk factors (i.e. dimensions of expected returns) account for the vast majority of investment returns

By trusting an evidence-based approach with diversification and risk mitigation, your investments can be a key component of your long-term financial plans. Keys to structuring a portfolio include:

  • Creating an investment plan that fits your needs and risk tolerance
  • Structuring your portfolio along the three risk factors
  • Diversifying globally
  • Managing expenses, turnover, and taxes
  • Staying disciplined through market volatility

Insurance Planning

Adding insurance to your financial plan isn’t just about the possibility of some abstract adversity. Insurance coverage is critical because it protects you, your family, and your finances from life-shattering consequences when unexpected but predictable events occur.

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

Personal Planning
for Professionals

Our process gives you a comprehensive financial plan to help mitigate future risk. By actively managing your wealth now, you can plan for the money you need to live the life you want later.

Introduction & Financial Decision-Making Discussions

Analyze Personal Resources

Identify Threats to Your Finances & Implement Contingency Plans

Formulate & Implement an Action Plan

Monitor Results & Adjust as Necessary



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