No More Non-Competes

 The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has upended one of the most common aspects of executive employment, banning non-compete agreements as, in the words of the announcement, ‘an unfair method of … Read More

Wars and Markets

The escalation of tensions in the Middle East, and the Israeli army’s campaign in Gaza, has flared into open conflict between Israel and Iran. Iranian missiles have been raining down … Read More

AI: Many. Humans: Still One

Artificial intelligence first proved its mettle by beating game experts. Deep Blue famously beat chess champion Gary Kasparov as early as 1997, and more recently the AlphaGo AI algorithm beat … Read More

Profits and More Profits

It isn’t being widely reported, but aggregate U.S. corporate profits reached record levels in the 4th quarter of last year, increasing 4.1% after going up 3.4% the previous quarter. The … Read More

Green Book Wish List

Every year around this time, the current presidential administration releases a set of tax-related proposals, essentially a wish list for tax legislation for the coming year. These so-called ‘green books’ … Read More

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