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SEPTEMBER 2020 - In this issue

  • The View From Mount Stupid
  • Non-Guaranteed Assets: In Theory And Practice
  • Has the Pandemic Locked You Out of a HELOC?
  • The Blue Zone Financial Professional

AUGUST 2020 - In this issue

  • Living Prudently In The Now
  • A One-Club Suggestion For Personal Finance
  • Remote Work, Nexus, and Jock Taxes
  • Technology Dilemma: When Is Easier Better?

JULY 2020 - In this issue

  • Why your “number” is Really Two Numbers
  • Financial Insight From the Pandemic: Many Americans Didn’t Make their Beds
  • The Cares Act: Yes or No to Crds or Rmds
  • The $10 Million American Life

JUNE 2020 - In this issue

  • Surviving the Black Swan
  • Will You Lose Your Rings in Retirement?
  • A Real-Life Risk Tolerance Test
  • Not Having Insurance Makes Me More Careful (What?!)

MAY 2020 - In this issue

  • Balancing Efficiency and Resilience
  • Cash Values For Retirement Income: A Case Study
  • The Special Needs Trust: A Hopeful Answer to Tough Questions
  • The Actuaries Have Spoken: TWD Is Risky!

APRIL 2020 - In this issue

  • The nastiest, hardest problem in finance
  • The illusion of “defeased debt”
  • Backhoes and life insurance: when “simple” becomes “simplistic”
  • A retirement investment that yields 3x happiness

MARCH 2020 - In this issue

  • Pragmatic visualization
  • The secure act changes iras
  • Interest rates: is the long term trend lower?
  • The irrational exuberance in men’s underwear

FEBRUARY 2020 - In this issue

  • A sophisticated perspective on cash
  • The trustee for your estate plan: choose wisely
  • Should you pay off your mortgage before retirement?
  • Why you’ll select the aardvark account

January 2020 - In this issue

  • Eustress to relieve money stress
  • Real id and other important documents
  • Gradually, then suddenly – in cars
  • The virtues of prosperity