Strategic Financial Planning for Business Owners

Clear Guidance & Strategic Planning for Your Personal and Professional Future

Plan for long-term financial stability and help mitigate risk

Protect What Matters Most & Achieve Your Financial Goals

Synchronize your personal goals and professional needs to plan for the life you deserve.

Owning a successful business means your to-do list never ends, but there comes a time to start thinking about your next chapter. That may include choosing to retire, selling your business, or delegating work to others in order to ease your daily burdens.

Living Legacy creates custom plans for business owners to reduce uncertainty and capture opportunities so you can retain flexibility and face the future with confidence.

Every plan is based on your specific goals, which may contain an exit, retirement, or succession plan. It can also include contingencies to protect you and your family if unforeseen challenges arise.

Why Business Owners Choose Us

You’ve worked tirelessly to build your business, but you can’t reap the rewards of that hard work without a plan. As your trusted team, Living Legacy will create a holistic custom strategy to help make the future you want a reality.

Maximize Your Exit Position

Financial planning for an exit or succession that maximizes value for you can take months or even years to complete.

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to retire, it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. Coordinating your personal and professional financial planning is the most effective way to control and preserve your wealth when you’re no longer actively generating revenue and profits.

A Shared Vision of Success

Developing a continuity plan for your business can help protect what you’ve built and help ensure the greatest likelihood of future success.

Your plan prepares you for challenges and disruptions before they occur, including leadership transitions and exits.

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Enhance Employee Experiences

You can improve retention, reduce your tax burden, and fortify your business by implementing or expanding company-sponsored benefits.

Retirement plans (401(k), profit sharing, cash balance, defined benefit, etc.), employee bonuses, and benefit plans (executive benefits, stay bonus, deferred compensation, etc.) can also allow for large contributions for owners or executives while helping to attract top talent and even increase productivity when employees feel valued and taken care of.



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Strategic Financial Planning
for Business Owners

Create and implement a plan based on your goals and a holistic evaluation of your resources to help protect your company’s future – and your own

Identify Your Objectives

Quantify Your Resources - Conduct a Business Valuation & Gap Analysis

Identify Threats to Your Finances & Implement Contingency


Identify Strategic Opportunities to Reduce Taxes, Retain Key People & Save For the Future

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Design & Implement Your Estate and Wealth Preservation Plan

Determine Your Ideal Exit Path As Necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

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