Exit Planning with Aaron Puttroff on the David King Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Exit Planner and financial advisor Aaron Putroff to discuss Exit Planning, the holistic approach to designing a business-exit strategy that provides the owner maximum value for their life’s work. It encompasses setting Exit Objectives: When do you want to leave? How much money do you need from your business exit? To whom will you sell the business? Then, building an Advisor Team comprised of trusted, professional advisors (CPA, attorney, financial advisor, valuation expert), and planning each aspect of the transition sequence.

Many business owners delay exiting the business because they’re concerned whether they’ll be able to maintain their lifestyle, whether they’ll have enough after-tax income from the proceeds of selling the business. It’s critical that the plan coordinates the owner’s personal finances with her or her business finances. While they are legally separate and distinct, from a planning perspective they are absolutely integrated. Decisions in one affect the other, and vice versa. Therefore, it’s necessary to devise a plan that succeeds in both domains.

Aaron served in the US Marine Corps for 10 years, and provides the same level of protection and loyalty for his clients today.

Selling a business is the American dream, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the reward for years of hard work. Successful entrepreneurs make countless sacrifices in hopes that they would someday reap the benefits of their labor and live a new life of vacations, recreation, and prosperity.

You only exit your business once, so you should feel confident passing this milestone. A successful business exit reflects the preparation done beforehand. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The owner of a privately held company has several alternatives on how to exit their business. In the absence of an exit strategy, events will inexorably dictate the final exit plan. A costly involuntary exit may be caused by death, disability, divorce, disagreement, or distress.

Selling Your Business with David King will help you take control of the sale process and make it positive one.

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