A market correction does not mean a negative market year

You may not remember them, but there have been corrections in the U.S. stock market of between -3% to -48% during every single year of the last 42 years. The market has ended those years in negative territory only 7 times out of 42:

As you can see, market volatility and corrections are nothing new and they are part of the plan. Your plan and your portfolio are prepared for times like these and to recapture rebounds that can happen in the blink of an eye.

In fact, if you did not react to the wild market swings of the past (as indicated by the blue growth of wealth line), a $10k initial investment would have grown to over $1.5 million since 1979.

Just like past corrections over the years, this too shall pass, and we will need reminders like this in the future to remember what to do when the market inevitably has another correction.

Stay disciplined, stay the course, and stick to your plan.

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