Strategic Financial Planning

for Business Owners


As a successful business owner, you have plenty of things to worry about, but your personal finances after exit doesn’t have to be one of them. The end of your involvement with your business can be a bright new beginning for you. At Living Legacy, we’ll help you:

  • Create a Succession and Exit Plan
  • Design a Business Continuity Plan
  • Implement Company-Sponsored Retirement Plans (401(k), Profit Sharing, Cash Balance, Defined Benefit, etc.)
  • Activate Key Employee Bonus and Benefit Plans
  • Explore Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Coordinate Everything with an Estate Plan that Provides Satisfactory Income, Control and Wealth Preservation
Plentiful Retirement Income Legacy Fulfullment


You've built a successful business, and now it’s time to move on. How do you convert your greatest asset into plentiful retirement income, with the confidence that it will be enough for the rest of your life? How do you plan for one of life’s biggest personal and professional changes? At Living Legacy, we guide you through this process. Most financial advisors only have expertise in personal financial planning. We also specialize in business succession and exit planning. We’ll synchronize the personal and business aspects of your life, putting you on the path to the retirement you deserve.


The Living Legacy Process

  1. Identify Your Objectives
  2. Quantify Your Resources
    • Business Valuation
    • Gap Analysis
  3. Identify Threats to Your Finances and Implement Contingency Plans
  4. Identify Strategic Opportunities to Reduce Taxes, Save Money and Retain Key People
  5. Determine Ideal Exit Path
  6. Design and Implement Estate and Wealth Preservation Plan

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