Life is unpredictable; markets fluctuate and business profits trend up and down, but you can put plans into place now to help mitigate your risk from future uncertainties. Our services are designed to take a comprehensive approach to financial planning, encompassing all areas of your life and your business. We help you manage your wealth so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve, both now and well into the future.


Retiring comfortably takes careful planning and we will help you get everything you need in place in order to protect yourself and have plentiful retirement income.

  • Identify How Much to Save on an Annual Basis
  • Create Spending and Savings Plans
  • Create a Retirement Income Plan


Investing should be about capturing the returns the market has to offer as efficiently as possible rather than trying to time or outguess the market. This evidence-based approach relies upon three principals; free markets work; diversification potentially increases returns for the same amount of risk; for the same amount of risk; three simple risk factors (I.e. dimensions of expected returns) account for the vast majority of investment returns.

  • Create an Investment Plan to Fit Your Needs and Risk Tolerance
  • Structure a Portfolio Along the Three Risk Factors
  • Diversify Globally
  • Manage Expenses, Turnover and Taxes
  • Stay disciplined Through Both Market Dips and Swings


Having the right insurance coverage is a critical part of defending your finances and being able to handle any unexpected, real-life situations. In many ways, we all have one foot on the banana peel - the question isn't if you'll need coverage, it's when. The decision to purchase insurance has little to do with the likelihood of an adverse event occurring, but rather the consequences to both one's finances and one's family.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

The Living Legacy Process

  1. Introduction and Financial Decision-Making Conversation
  2. Quantify Personal Resources
  3. Identify Gaps in Present Course of Action
  4. Formulate and Implement an Action Plan
  5. Monitor the Results and Adjust as Necessary